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Luang Prabang at a glance

Unforgettable experience of Luang Prabang! The tour brings you the deep view insight of what Luang Prabang can offer.  

Images of Laos

Laos is the mixture of ancient cities with plenty of historic sites that can bring you back centuries ago, and the wonderful nature with many waterfalls, caves, rivers, or jungles. 

The best of Laos

A classic journey exploring Laos covering major cultural and historical highlights. Easy travel with many things to see and learn, spiced up with just a touch of adventure...

Amazing Laos

Just more than one week, you can experience the best of what Laos can offer from the famous UNESCO Heritage Site of ancient Luang Prabang to the remote area of Kamu Lodge...

Luang Prabang Culture Tour

Within 6-day Luang Prabang Culture Tour is amazing tour for the one who is looking for the culture experience, or the family trip to Luang Prabang. The deep exploration of culture promises a fun and educational Luang Prabang visit. 

Vientiane Experience

Though Vientiane is not famous as Luang Prabang, it still has plenty of beautiful spots and interesting activities to offer. Within 5-day Vientiane tour, we will experience the best of Vientiane, which ensure the unforgettable journey.

Laos - Into the wilds

8-day Laos Adventure Tour will bring you to some of the least visited area of Laos, the Northeastern side of the country. The part is rarely visited by mass tourism, and still being what it was hundreds of years ago, promising an amazing exploration for you.

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